Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension

Monster of the Day #1468

For some reason, this was the highest rated episode in Japan. As we’ve seen, mixing and matching animals is a pretty easy technique to generating an Incidental Monster. Snakes (like the Lion… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1466

Tyranno’s Claw won, I suspect, on the strength of the trailer. Playing the old novelty tune “Alley Oop” in the background, it made this look like a Korean version of Ringo Starr’s… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1464

This film pretty much was exactly what we wanted it to be, taking plot motivated by b-movie logic (military killbots badly reprogrammed to deal with violent high schools in the future) and… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1462

Things went swimmingly at T-Fest this year, with hiccups only appearing at the end of the evening. Thunder of the Gigantic Serpent (which I’m sure I’ve featured here before) starting things off… Read Article →

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