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Monster of the Day #1644

Dracula also plagued the Superfriends (not the season we examined, this was one of the Wonder Twins years). As was often the case in this violence-free cartoon era, Dracula made people vampires… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1642

In case I didn’t sell yesterday’s cartoon, the Bride of Dracula episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, well enough, well, did I mention Dracula’s sidekicks are a Wolfman and a Frankenstein… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1641

There are several delightfully cheesy 70s and 80s superhero cartoon shows that featured an appearance by monster, most prominently Dracula. Thankfully, at least for the moment, most of the appear on Dailymotion,… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1640

Friday the 13th! And yes, I’m *still* spending a lot of time watching Ft13th gameplay videos on YouTube.Today unsurprisingly they downloaded a ton of new content for fans, most notably a new… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1639

I guess people were generally disappointed with It’s final appearance in the mini-series. It’s nearly impossible to bring ‘the ultimate evil’ or whatnot to the screen and not have that be so… Read Article →

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