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Monster of the Day #1676

An odd little poster for an odd little film. A rip-off of a Frazatta poster? Surely the prostrate native guy in the foreground was a woman in Frazatta’s version. That Stamp’s ‘character’… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1675

A stereotypical staid British poster for…a film about passing kidney stones? “Well, yes, there is a monster, old bean. However, one doesn’t just talk about such things.” I’ll opt for the Spanish… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1672

I’ve probably featured this before, but who cares. It’s great. Just in case, here’s a bonus. I assume from one of the images that this is Harvey Weinstein’s skull. (oooh, topical!)

Monster of the Day #1668

Not the finest artist in terms of technique, but man, he sure lards in the elements. Also, I’d be intrigued to see Santo take on Japanese Blacula.

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