Monster of the Day #754

Second verse*, same as the first.

*This week, anyway.

  • Flangepart

    Ah. Gone from green to red, have we? It’s primary colors week on MoD.

  • Gamera977

    Poor monster, someone left it in the water too long and it all shriveled up!

  • Ken_Begg

    Sure, the California Raisins got fame and wealth from their deal with the Devil, but then the inevitable happened….

  • Gamera977

    AH-HAH, I always suspected that a raisin is an undead grape!

  • One of the joys of hitting this site is running into Horror/Monster movies I’ve either never heard of before or seeing images from the ones I’ve yet seen. With the number of books on Horror I have, you’d think that be impossible, but ha ha on me.

    Still without a clue. If this does turn out to be one I’ve seen, I know I’m going to hate myself for it.

  • Sandy Petersen

    Is it Ghoulies?

  • The Rev.

    I don’t recall any of the Ghoulies looking like this, and definitely not like yesterday’s creature (assuming it’s from the same movie series, which seems to be hinted at).

    Maybe it’s Spookies? I haven’t seen it, but I recall from Braineater’s review that there are a menagerie of beasties in that one.

    I have never seen The Gate and haven’t seen the sequel in a long time, but that’s another possibility.

    Either way, I’m no longer sure yesterday’s was a zombie movie; that second shot seems to show it as having pointy ears, which I don’t associate with zombies.

  • Ken_Begg

    Well, it’s a movie you asked me about last week.

  • Sandy Petersen

    Yesterday’s movie was clearly not Spookies. This one might be.