Monster of the Day #729

Every year, Rock Baker’s family whips up a pro-level monster suit, which is generally featured at the annual G-Fest in Chicago. This was this year’s entry. I didn’t attend the Con (sticking, as usual, with the theatrical showings at the Pickwick Theatre), but hey, awesome monster suit.

This one’s kind of an in-joke. That’s Gifantis, which is sort of the mascot of G-Fan magazine.

Quoth the Rock: “Pop and my Brother couldn’t make it to G-Fest this year, but some of their work managed to make it to Chicago, anyway! This is the 20th year of G-Fest, and as a special gift to J.D. Lees, they created this movie-grade suit of J.D.’s character, G-Fantis. The surprise suit was presented to J.D. on opening day of the convention (and had been created from notes given by Mrs. Lees so as to make the creation as close to what J.D. always had in mind as possible). I hear he actually had tears in his eyes! Should be interesting getting this thing through customs and into Canada, shouldn’t it?!”

  • Ericb

    So this is result when you put Godzilla and Liberace in a Brundlefly machine?

  • Gamera977

    That is awesome Rock! Your dad and brother are so talented!

    Love all the detail!

  • The Rev.

    Oh, that’s G-fantis? I thought maybe it was some sort of updated Titanosaurus, kind of like the updated Gigan we got in Final Wars. Cool! Does it blink like that incredible Godzilla costume you featured before? God, that was awesome.

  • Flangepart

    Nice! The man doth knoweth his monsters.
    Is it gonna be costumes week, Ken?

  • Ken_Begg

    I appended Rock’s note to the entry above for further clarification. A very nice gesture for J. D. Lees, who is a prince of a man.

  • Ken_Begg

    MMMMMMM…..could be!

  • zombiewhacker

    Yaaay! Elton week!

  • Cullen Waters

    That’s quality work, is what that is.

  • Rock Baker

    Actually, in person, both my Brother and I agreed it looks rather like Marty Feldman…..

  • Rock Baker

    Thank you very much, gang, I know Pop and Kyle will be thrilled to get the feedback! And thank you, Ken, for this wonderful post! Being a Monster of the Day? That’s just too cool! God bless you, Sir!

  • Ken_Begg

    I think said blessing more properly should be directed at the artisans making suits like this!

  • kgb_san_diego


  • The Rev.

    I only met J.D. the once, but had a couple of mail correspondences with him ages ago and I have to agree with the assessment of him.

    I found myself shocked that it’s been 20 years for G-Fest, until I remembered that the one I went to was back in 1995, and must’ve been the third one. Where does the time go?

  • Eric Hinkle

    I was just at AnthroCon 2013 where they had 1300 suits in the parade alone. Maybe twice as much in total.

    Very, very few of them were half as cool as this masterpiece.