Black Friday at Warners Archive!

They charge WAAAY too much for their MoD DVDrs, even if the quality of them is pretty good. Today, though, you can get any 5 single disc movies for $50, with free shipping (tax is about $5.) So that’s actually reasonable.

They have From Hell It Came and Green Slime and Bermuda Depths and many other films and TV specials. Hurry, though, for all I know the sale is only today.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Not a bad deal, considering there’s really no other way to get those. I would advise Warners to make navigating their shop a little less difficult (pause for them to laugh at me from atop their pile of dollars).

  • BeckoningChasm

    Well, I got mine today. Odd how the back-cover copy for “Green Slime” talks about how goofily hilarious it is; usually these things tend to take the show seriously and let people decide whether it’s camp or not.

    And they didn’t really do the same for “From Hell It Came.” The best they could manage there was using the word “woodn’t.”

  • My copy should be in this week, but can you confirm that the DVD-R is widescreen?