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Monster of the Day #1663

Another artifact that plays off how weirdly (or not) disconcerting and frightening house cats can be. The cover is helped immensely by the Neil Adams art, as a more cartoony style wouldn’t… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1661

Some of you may have noticed we were suffering domain name issues yesterday. Of course this immediately motivated me to pathetically bleat for help from Jabootu’s resident superhero Carina Magyar, who quickly… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1660

I saw Thor: Ragnarok last night, and it Rag-na-ROCKS! (Line trademarked) How many movies has Marvel/Disney made now? It’s got to be closing in on 20, right? It’s amazing they’ve kept the… Read Article →

Monster of the Day #1659

Although FMF very soon found its voracious audience and was selling in just about every drug store, convenience store and newsstand in the country, early on it looks a lot more fanzine-ish…. Read Article →

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