Monster of the Day #688

Well, I mentioned this flick in the last MotD, so it’s a natural segue. Not Quarry’s more famous character, of course, but this is floating around on DVD for completists. And again, not a bad double bill with Werewolves on Wheels, a film it has a lot in common with.

  • sandra

    I know this one. It’s Deathmaster !

  • Flangepart

    “You call this robe a father’s day present? I look like a cheap carpet!”

  • Hmmm. This one has actually slipped by me completely.

  • fish eye no miko

    He’s wearing the wallpaper from the BBC’s “Sherlock”!

  • zombiewhacker

    Very watchable AIP oddity from the early seventies. Robert Quarry as a Manson-like bloodsucker establishing his own little commune, his hippie minions, bikers, biker babes, and John Fiedler as the unlikeliest of all cinema vampire hunters.
    In fact, I enjoyed this movie more than the first Count Yorga film. Too bad the plot had more holes in it than most of the victims by the time this was over. And I don’t mean the usual monster movie plot holes either. There were parts ot this movie where I just went, “Huh?”