Monster of the Day #681

Sandy and his son Arthur and I watched this after the Fest, before I left Dallas. Sandy and I had both seen this in the theater back in the day. It’s not up there with Harryhausen’s films, but it holds up quite well in a cheesy sort of way. (Although Sandy was highly amused by the not exactly Arabian leading lady.) The film is available through the Warner Brothers DVD-R line. While not a pressed DVD, the print quality is really quite good, rather like their letterboxed DVD-R for The Green Slime.

  • Ooh, what movie is this one from?

  • It’s been decades since I saw it on TNT, but I think it’s CAPTAIN SINBAD. Man, would I love to see that one again!

  • Flangepart

    “A cough drop, a cough drop, my kingdom for a truck load of cough drops! Stop me befoe I eat the Riccola factory!”

    Could be. Yet it seems to remind me of a Japanese flick as well…

  • Cullen Waters

    It’s Captain Sindbad all right. Really wish I had the money to pick it up.

  • Ken_Begg

    About twice a year or so Warners runs a five for $50 deal or the like. That’s your best bet.

  • This is the greatest monster ever.