Monster of the Day #680

As we get ready for this year’s T(ween)-Fest in Dallas this weekend, here’s a shot from last year’s event.

  • Flangepart

    How me, I’m thinking Muppets…

  • The Rev.

    I haven’t seen this. The premise is pretty nifty, although my understanding is the execution is haphazard. Still, I’d like to see it.

  • Ericb

    Maybe we’ll see some Martian ghosts this week.

  • Ken_Begg

    Gaak! I hope not!

    Well, maybe the Wizard of Mars ones. Were those really ghosts, though?

  • Ericb

    I guess it depends on how you define ghosts. I’d go for any non-material undead spirits. The undead part separates them from the incorporeal aliens that pop up in stuff like Star Trek.

  • Looks sort of intriguing, whatever it is.

  • It’s from a movie called “The Asphyx.”

  • The Rev.

    Dr. Freex has a review of it on his site. That’s where I learned about it. Also Seventh Curse and The Story of Ricky, for which I am forever in his debt.

  • Headless Unicorn Guy

    Ah, yes. THE ASPHYX.

    I remember seeing it on one of those Creature Features long ago, and in the early days of the Internet got curious and tried to look up the details on it.

    Tip: Don’t punch in the word “Asphyx” on a search engine. It’s also the keyword for a VERY sick-o type of porn.