Monster of the Day #679

Getting ready to spirit myself away to Texas.

(Get it?)

  • Flangepart

    Why does he reminds me of Elvis?…

  • ericb

    Hah, I was just going to post “Elvis?”

  • Flangepart

    Heh heh heh…’A hunka, hunka burnin’ protoplasum.’

  • Looks more like Robert Lansing to me….

    Could it be THE HAUNTING OF HANLEY HOUSE? THE GHOSTS OF HANLEY HOUSE? I’m drawing a blank on the exact title, but that was Texan.

  • Cullen Waters

    For some reason I want to say it’s Ray Milland’s The Uninvited. Maybe because it’s been a while since I saw it and I kind of want to see it again.

  • InfiniteOnion

    I think it can be agreed upon that we all need more spirits in our lives

  • Ken_Begg