Monster of the Day #676

From the original cut of the Total Eclipse of the Heart video.

  • Ericb

    “Aww, he doesn’t look evil at all. Let’s set him free!” Is this the one where Japan surrenders the Earth to aliens because the aliens are holding those two kids hostage?

  • Flangepart

    Yup. Two Kenny’s equal the rest of the earth? I don’t THINK so!
    And a great MST3K as well.

  • The Rev.

    I don’t think they MSTed this one. I know it’s not in the Gamera MST3K box set. Plus, “Japan (actually, I think it was the UN–make your own joke here) surrendering because the alien monster has two children held hostage” happened in Gamera vs. Zigra. I haven’t seen this one in quite a while, so maybe it happened there as well?

    I remember it being one of the most boring Gamera movies, although that multiple decapitation was pretty amazing. Viras is kind of underwhelming, too, just a giant talking squid with a pointy head. Viras was more interesting in the Dark Horse Gamera mini-series from the mid-’90s. They gave it powerful psychic and telekinetic abilities; at one point it takes control of Gamera and the two of them trash Paris.

  • Gamera977

    Yeah, it’s not in the MST3K boxed set and I believe Joel says in Gamera vs. Zigra this is the last Gamera film. Not sure if they did this one later though. I think about 1/3rd of of the movie is just clips of fight scenes lifted directly from other, earlier films.

    Anyway what is it with you humans and squids anyway? Forty years later another youngster hatched Irys for a little tentacle porn and Japanese schoolgirl action. Leave the squid monster ALONE!!! Didn’t Lovecraft warn you people enough!?!

  • Flangepart

    D’OH! I was sure Joel and the bots riffed it.

    Deserved it, needless to say…

  • Ericb

    Well, they did do five Gamera films. They probably got bored with them and/or felt that they joked as much as they could joke about the absurdity of the series.

  • Best Brains licenced the Sandy Frank package, of which DESTROY ALL PLANETS (and GAMERA VS MONSTER X) was not included. The closest they came was some stock footage that arises in GAMERA VS GURION (formerly ATTACK OF THE MONSTERS under the superior AIP dub). “This is new” one of them is heard to say when viewing footage of the Viran spacecraft trapping Gamera in a transparent energy bubble.

  • DESTROY ALL PLANETS and GAMERA VS ZIGRA both feature the UN surrendering the entire planet for the sake of two children, despite the exchange being pretty much “these kids die unless you surrender and everyone dies, or else you’ll all die!”

  • And thus a promising series fully detours into mindless kiddie fare. That said, at least this entry has some nice effects work, and the Virans certainly own one of the more unique space-vehicles in movie history. This picture is sort of a cross between the fantastic pulps of the 30’s and silly kid’s programming of the 70’s.

  • Flangepart

    Hummmm…I can see that. You can get tired of riffing after awhile. Then ya need a rest! And yeah, some flicks can be more fun to riff than others.

    DANGER DEATH RAY is a fave. “Bart Fargo!” There’s just something about that particular one gets my riff Jones on.

    But STARFIGHTERS…I don’t see how they made it through. Sure, Like Keven Murphy said, a good ‘hate on’ can inspire, but you sure earn your pay.

    I find a film with an affable insanity makes the work more enjoyable, but that is a very subjective call.

  • I never understood the use of THE STARFIGHTERS for a completely different reason. I thought it was actually a pretty good/cool movie. I hope the ‘real’ version of the film is available. Much like THE BEATNIKS, THE REBEL SET, and THE GIRL IN LOVER’S LANE, I found myself trying to watch the movie itself and wishing the robots would just shut up!

  • Flangepart

    Well, I’m a ‘wing nut’, and the old Discovery channel show WINGS did one on the F-104. It was only 45min when you edit commercials, and the narrator was a better actor!
    Realizing the movie was an infomercial for the jet makes me see thinks two words- product placement.
    And your words remind me how subjective a desire to riff can be. One mans ‘straight man’ is another’s ‘leading role’ as it were.
    in the end, ya make the call that works for ya.