Monster of the Day #647

Kamoebas’ English cousin, Nigel.

  • Ericb

    They’re rebooting the Cookie Monster and making him all dark and disturbing and stuff.

  • The Rev.

    Very nice, Ken! I would have also accepted, “Gamera’s English cousin, Nigel.”

  • Gamera977


  • If this doesn’t convince you WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS is one of the greatest pulp adventure movies of all time, just wait. There’s one monster coming that’s sure to settle the matter for ever!

  • Flangepart

    “Allo, Me mates were wonderin’ if we could eat ya face off. Nothin’ personal, It’s just what we do. A quick nibble-nibble, and I promis, ya won’t feel a thing. Well, not much…”

  • The only down side is that this sequence features the only major boner by the effects crew. These creatures are climbers, aided by very visible strings…..

  • The Rev.

    Believe me, Monday’s MotD sold me on this already. This is just gravy.

  • A Zaarg, as they’re called. :)