Monster of the Day #641


  • Flangepart

    Now I KNOW Sonny Chiba is lurking about! Hi-Keeba!

  • What is this, something from Doctor Who?

  • This is the 1966 film TERROR BENEATH THE SEA. A US/Japanese co-production, indeed, starring Sonny Chiba. THIS is that intersect between unrelenting awsomeness and unrestrained stupidity! In many ways, the film is perfect, with it’s pop design, music, and use of all the trappings of spy and super science fiction elements. Unfortunately, it’s also terribly over-acted and features one of the worst scripts ever written! Lively, though, so it’s great fun!

  • The Rev.

    Did they not realize their fishmen looked cross-eyed, or did they not care?

    Either way, I love them.