Contagions night on TCM…

Man, it must be fun to be a TCM programmer.

All times CST:

7:00 The Andromeda Strain (A great movie!)
9:15 The Last Man on Earth
11:00 The Satan Bug
1:00 The Killer That Stalked New York
2:30 80,000 Suspects
A little surprised that Panic in the Streets isn’t on the list. If you haven’t seen that one, hunt down the DVD. Richard Widmark and Jack Palance, directed by Elia Kazan.

  • Rock Baker

    Ohh! THE KILLER THAT STALKED NEW YORK! That’s one to catch (no pun intended) if you get the chance! THE SATAN BUG was pretty good too as I recall. 80,000 SUSPECTS is a new on on me, though. What an interesting title!

  • JoshG

    I’ve been wanting to see The Satan Bug for a while now.  I’m a big Alistair McLean fan.

  • The Rev.

    Well, thanks to Rock, I guess I’ll be sure to catch that one he’s so excited about.
    I’m looking forward to those first two, which I’ve not seen.

    On a related note:  Friday night, TCM’s underground is playing past T-Fest movie Hausu.  It is highly recommended by myself, and probably Sandy as well since he brought it.  Names you can trust!  It is like a Japanese Evil Dead except it was made in the late ’70s and is about ten times more insane.  Following that is the classic The Haunting.  I tried to watch that once, but it was very late and I dozed off.  I’ll be sure to record it and watch it at a more decent hour this time.  (Mostly because I feel bad that I got dragged to see the remake years ago, and have yet to see the original in its entirety.)

  • sandra

    PANIC IN THE STREETS was on TCM about a week ago.