The first trailer for the new Spider-Man reboot movie is out. This seems to be following (I think) the Ultimates version of Spider-Man, with Peter’s deceased parents apparently having a secret that resulted in their deaths. The trailer looks fine, and making Peter more anti-social and withdrawn isn’t unworkable. But really, WHY DO HIS ORIGIN AGAIN? Iron Man aside, these are usually the deadest parts of these films, and really, Spider-Man has been done enough that everyone basically ‘gets’ his origin; bitten by a radioactive spider.

Admittedly, this complaint is partly Old Man’s Disease. Although the first Spider-Man movie came out not too long ago in 2002, the fact remains that for the teen audience the studio might be relying on, it was before their time. And since this does seem a complete revamp of who Peter is and his life story, maybe it’s necessary.

To tell you the truth, I really didn’t care about this film to start with. I like Spider-Man, but he’s never been my favorite, and I think he’s been covered adequately for me already. However, I just can’t get past that idea that going through the whole story again just ten years after the last time just ain’t a great idea.


Good news for Joss Wheden and horror fans in general. Wheden’s looong finished horror flick The Cabin in the Woods has finally been acquired by somebody who actually plans to release it, in this case Lionsgate, which is a pretty good fit. It’s due out on April 12, 2012. Why not a Halloween 2011 release? I don’t know, maybe they’re hoping some of the hype for Whedon’s Avengers film will rub off on them? And it does star Chris Hemsdaleworth, who is Thor and thus in the Avengers movie. Anyway, this film’s been sitting around forever (I think it was originally supposed to be out around Halloween of 2009), it seems, so it will be nice to finally get it on screens.


New Line has dropped it’s proposed remake of Escape from New York. I’m sure we’re all crushed. Why not just re-release the old one to theaters. I’d go see it.


Finally some movement on Legendary’s Godzilla movie, which I feared was moribund. David Goyer has been hired to write the script. Goyer has been involved with films both good and bad, but I expect the director to have a lot of say in shaping the script, so we’ll see. In any case, it’s good to hear this project isn’t flat-out dormant, although I still don’t see how they’d get this up and running for a 2012 release. Indeed, should del Toro’s giant monster vs. mecha film Pacific Rim (for the same company!) bomb, there’s still a good chance the Godzilla film could get quietly shuttered.