Monster of the Day #879

Not as many Brit monster movies as you’d like, so I had to stretch back a ways. It’s hard for me to think I haven’t done this one before, but even so, it’s pretty sweet, even if I had.

  • Gamera977

    ‘There is no spoon!!!’

    Seems hard to believe you haven’t done this before but I don’t remember it. Second only to the ‘Howling’ as my favorite WW movie.

  • The Rev.

    Now THIS one I know. And like quite a lot.

  • bgbear_rnh

    So did the 3rd little pig hire a bodyguard as backup?

  • Luke Blanchard

    My recollection is the werewolves in the British version of BEING HUMAN had a similar appearance. I haven’t seen the American version.

  • Flangepart

    Is only the SAS guys had asked U.N.I.T for some of their silver bullets…
    “Oi, skin this one. Look good at HQ.”

  • Rock Baker


  • Acethepug

    Yup, an incredible werewolf movie, and best of all, all physical, practical effects. No CGI I know of (or if there is, it was minimal).
    Lots of black humor, some great characters, and a cool look for the werewolves.
    Love love LOVE this movie, rates right up there (IMHO) with the original Howling, The Wolf Man, and Ginger Snaps in ‘wolf lore.

  • Petoht

    I believe there there might have been a little, sort to touch up things or remove things (like supports), but the bulk of it was certainly practical. The DVD had a Making Of, where they talked about the stilts the werewolf actors had to wear and how they could only do so briefly and how hard it was to move in them.

  • Sandy Petersen

    Yeah probably the best recent werewolf film.