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Monster of the Day #578

Deadly Bubbles II: Beelzebubbles. “What made her whites so red…WITH BLOOD?!!“ Related PostsMonster of the Day #1696 (Jan 19, 2018) Monster of the Day #1696 (Jan 18, 2018) Monster of the Day… Read Article →


Ken and one of his many, many hot chicks. Be there or be highly, highly square Anyone seeking lodging and local transport, drop me a note at ken@jabootu.com. We want to help!

T-Fest Open Thread…

Getting ready to leave for Texas tomorrow. Here’s an open space to yack on; although there’s also the forum. I’ll drop in when I can, and any attendees, feel free to post… Read Article →


Weird coincidence. The lovely Portage Theater–which sadly has been bought by a local huckster who apparently plans to tear out all the seats and turn it into a music venue, may his… Read Article →

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