Monster of the Day #635


  • Flangepart

    “Wait, I dropped the Televisor. Hang on, I’ll just be a moment…”

  • LT_Harper

    Early 60’s America just wasn’t ready yet for Gangnam Style. Infact it would be 50 years before American culture had degenerated enough to embrace such stupidity.

  • Gamera977

    ‘We control the horizontal, we control the vertical… um what do you mean I’m upside down at a 45 degree angle???’

  • A particularly odd episode, as I recall. The rules of what was picked up on the O.B.I.T. screen was rather confusing at times. Outer clothing wasn’t visible, undergarments were, cigarettes weren’t, but jewelry was….

    Intriguing make-up design, though, creating a cyclops effect by having the actor tilt his head -thus making the alien face appear perfectly straight!