Monster of the Day #528

Why no, there was no readjustment after returning to work after two weeks. I feel as fresh as a daisy.

Of course, the snow-laden streets that saw my little car slewing all over the place were a plus. On the other hand, the snow waited until B-Fest was over, so I shouldn’t complain.

How are you guys doing?

  • That guy looks like how I feel about Winter right now. **** snow. Come on, Punxsutawny Phil, you didn’t see your shadow, we’re supposed to get an early Spring, right?

  • Ken_Begg

    I don’t know if it was budget cuts, but they don’t seem to do the nighttime plowing as much. I mean, this was more like two to four inches, overnight, but the roads were largely unplowed when I went to work. My Hyundai has fairly narrow wheel wells, and they packed up with snow, which made for skewing and poor turning. I cleared them out when I got to work, and presumably by the end of the day, the roads will be clear.

    By Thursday we’ll have a bit of a warm-up (in February!) and a lot of the snow should melt off.

  • We’ve had an interesting winter in my area. After years of annual blizzards we finally got a break with a very mild season. Looks like an early spring in these parts. Right now, the sun is shining and the thermometer is around 60. Had some warmer days last month! As a confirmed heat-bug, I’m loving this (doesn’t hurt that it also stretches the reserves in my heat tank, either)!

  • DR. BLOOD’S COFFIN! This was one I was almost certain I’d never get to see. Imagine my delight when it turned up on one of the movie channels some years ago! My biggest shock was that the title was literal and there was actually a town doctor named Blood. Not sure I’d be comfortable going to a Dr. Blood…..

  • Glad to hear that someone’s getting a surprisingly pleasant winter.