Surprise, new Photobucket design sucks…

I’ve written before how every time they revamp a website in a major way (IMDB, Mapquest), the result is always hideously harder to use. Now Photobucket has, of course, done the same thing. Apparently, much like the IMDB, their new design mandate was purely to make the site look prettier. They ‘reduced clutter’ by moving obvious links offscreen, so that it’s harder to get to subfolders and such. Which is a pain in the ass for doing my daily Monster of the Day stuff.

Worse, they’ve apparently made it impossible to drag a thumbnail to my desktop. Under the old design, when I dragged the small album image to the desktop I got a jpeg on the desktop. Now I’m getting a link to the photobucket page containing the large image, which makes it impossible with WordPress to make it a featured image, one of the little images that shows up on our main page to snazz up the blog and review entries.

Luckily, after about 10 or 15 highly frustrating minutes trying to make the new format work, I gave up and found the button that lets you go back to the old version of the site. Hopefully they keep this as an option. The ‘new’ version is gigantically harder to use for my purposes, and in terms of the featured images, apparently won’t work at all, which is moronic.