Monster of the Day #533

Early experiment with Axe Body Spray were…sub-optimal.

  • Flangepart

    Ed Ames practices for the Carson show.

  • Ken_Begg


  • bgbear_rogerh

    The critics did a real hatchet job on this film. 

    (my goodness, I think I actually saw this, well the parts that were not invisible).

  • Flangepart

    “Did you see the invisible man?”
    “I never could see that guy.”
    “No, I mean did you see him?”
    “How could I see the invisible man?”
    “With your eyes!”
    “I wish I couldn’t see you, about now…”

  • “Gilligan, that it you, isn’t it? If it isn’t, we better run for our lives!”

  • No classic, but an intriguing picture. SOUND OF HORROR has some pretty good moments. Unfortunately, it can drag in the non-suspense sequences.