RIP Richard Lynch

One of the screen’s last great heavies, Richard Lynch, has passed away. Most famous for his slightly scarred visage, the result of a gruesome, drug-related fire in 1967 that badly burned 70% of his body, Mr. Lynch beat the odds and fully recovered from the nearly fatal incident.

A successful stage actor at that point, Mr. Lynch segued to film and television work in 1973 with a small role in the Gene Hackman and Al Pacino vehicle Scarecrow. He quickly became one of Hollywood’s favorite villains, with a long, long list of genre credits. He even starred in two horror related TV pilots, Good Against Evil (1977) and as the titular Vampire opposite E. G. Marshall in 1979. Sadly, neither went to series. He did garner a recurring role on the short lived sci-fi series The Phoenix.

That didn’t stop Mr. Lynch from finding steady employment, however. During the 1980s and ’90s he became one of the busiest actors in episodic TV, appearing in seemingly every network action show, and B-movies. Mr. Lynch’s work has been explored on these pages in reviews for Deathsport and The Forbidden Dance. He continued working up until his death on June 19th.

Hollywood doesn’t really allow for these sorts of character acting careers anymore. As such, it’s a loss as each such actor passes on, leaving behind them an ever diminishing pool.

Mr. Lynch was a veteran of the U.S. Marines, having served from 1956-1960.