Monster of the Day #450

No one said being a Monster Dentist would be easy. And let’s not even get into the ‘spit’ part.

  • The Rev.

    I didn’t manage to catch this in theaters, I bought it on DVD a while back…but I’ve yet to watch it, save for a couple of bits when it was on TV.  I’m not sure why.

    Same thing with Cloverfield, come to think of it (although that I just picked up this past weekend.)

    I actually haven’t watched too many giant monster movies lately, except Gamera ones.  That was mostly due to getting that MST3K collection, which in turn made me drag out the Kaneko trilogy again.  It also led to me putting on the MST3K Godzilla vs. Megalon episode again.  Then I got that wonderful Godzilla vs. Mothra DVD from ClassicMedia which we watched, and I still have the Godzilla Raids Again waiting in the wings…wait, I’ve actually watched quite a few of them lately.

    Anyway, I need to get around to this and Cloverfield, and finally pick up The Host, which I did see in the theater and which was wonderful (although that particular theater needed to turn the sound way down ’cause it was kind of painful at times.)

  • DRAGON WARS? Classic example of the kind of film that should have pirated the effects sequences and shot new human footage. The story is goofy as all get out, but I must admit it had some of the most impressive CGI I think I’ve ever seen. The giant snakes actually seemed to have a little weight to them, and the texturing was better than average. Plus, the film featured what seems like the most sustained giant-monster-battle-in-a-city footage I’ve seen in any modern genre movie. Weird flick, though.

  • Gamera977

    I caught this on TV though I was awhile back so my memory is a bit fuzzy. As I remember the only Koreans in the movie were a couple at the very beginning and then the movie flashes forward and the rest of the cast are white people in the modern US. Which confused me greatly, seems it would have made more sense to have a Korean-American character related to the original couple. Or so it seemed to me anyway.  

  • Monoceros4

    An acquaintance of mine screened this for us at a rather bibulous party. If it weren’t for the effects (competent, but I suppose one could say the same of a SyFy original movie) I’d otherwise never guess this was a 2000s movie. It’s more like some ’90s direct-to-video fare that you might have found in a supermarket bargain bin.

  • Flangepart

    If I could get an effects only version, I’d save me the fast forwarding.
    Great Kaiju Vs. Army stuff.