Monster of the Day #423

Still my favorite version of Evita.

  • Ericb

    Looks like The King and I to me.

  • Ericb

    “Look, over there, in the distance.  Are those the Wheels of Progress I see?”

  • Anonymous

    The scariest thing ‘about’ her is her waist!*

    *(yes, I stole that one from Robyn Hitchcock, or at least riffed on a line of his…)

  • Flangepart

    Ham comes in come interesting packages, I’ll clue ya…

    Vampira and Tor, two great looks that look great together.

  • Ericb

    I love Robyn Hitchcock.  I’ve seen him live about 4 or 5 times.

  • Monoceros4

    I can’t remember who wrote somewhere that Tor Johnson was like a walking, breathing special effect all on his own.

    He always looks like he’s waiting in vain for Ed Wood to tell him it’s OK to put his arms down now. I love how he “attacks” Officer Kelton in Plan 9, batting the hapless Kelton’s shoulders gently with an awkward stiff-armed swing. (“He lightly patted him to death!” to quote Bill Corbett.)

  • The Rev.

    As I suspected, it’s a B-Fest monster round-up this week.  I know which one I’m thinking shows up tomorrow…but I’m not going to say which, because then Ken won’t post it and proceed to point and laugh and say “YOU WERE WRONG HA-HA HA-HA HA-HAAAAAA!!!”

    This was a lot of fun with the plates and chants and all.  However, every person that brought those hard foam plates should be beaten to death with…well, their own plates.

  • Mr. Rational

    This isn’t “Evita.”  This is clearly “Uncle Vanya.”

  • sandra

    Don’t cry for me, Transylvania

  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when Andy Borntreger’s absent from the festival for too long — people get complacent with the Chinet.

  • The wrestler and the pinup girl (sounds like a Ginger Grant movie). Say what you will, both figures are not only iconic (Johnson was sort of the Rondo Hatton of the 50’s) but important to pop culture as well. Mix in the ghost of Lugosi and you can see why the film remains a subject of fascination on many levels.  Zombies, flying saucers, cops, soldiers, graveyards, a nice mix of fun elements, its just too bad Wood had no clue what he was doing with them. I wonder if anyone has ever thought about taking the framework provided and re-working it as a GOOD movie (granted, the stigma would be hard to avoid). I hear the script has already been used in a porno spoof called  PLAN 6 9 FROM OUTER SPACE! Word has it Wood even got a posthumous screenplay credit!

  • Anonymous

    I wonder who was the tougher wrestler: Tor or El Santo?

  • Anonymous

    Me too. I definite one-of, and a great entertainer to boot.

  • Marsden

    I think it’s funny they’re both Scandinavian.   Yes, I’m easily amused at times.  

    I remember seeing Tor’s face as a monster mask before I even found out he was a person.

  • Flangepart

    Well, this sucks…

    Disqus says my E-mail address is a no-go. And what new password? I thought I could use mine from the old board. What up, Dog?

  • I saw one of those masks recently. Pop operates a garage and he found a Tor mask inside one of the cars dropped off at the shop. It was sure impressive, made of very good rubber. The guy who owned it used it to scare kids or something. He had no idea who the mask was of.