Monster of the Day #414

“Dude! Not cool!”

  • There’s something very Evangelion about that one.

  • Ericb

    Festus Pragnell?

  • Anonymous

    Nice! Perfect example of the pulp cover motif of it must have a:
    1). Heroic looking guy
    2). Beautiful woman
    3). Monster
    I assume that if the painting has anything to do with the stories it’s ‘The Isotope Men’ because it’s been awhile since I read ‘Against the Fall of Night’ but I don’t remember any scene even faintly resembling this.

  • Flangepart


    Festus Pragnell…sounds like an early form of skin rash.

  • Monoceros4

    “Against The Fall of Night”. What a title! Too bad the story is probably a snooze; Clarke was better at ideas for stories than the actual storytelling, mostly.

  • Anonymous

     It was rewritten as ‘The City and the Stars’ which I think ties with ‘Childhood’s End’ as Clarke’s best stories. The original ‘AtFoN’ wasn’t half bad though. I’ll agree about Clarke’s storytelling but these were actual stories and not just a tour of some exotic location like many of his works.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Bill, red boots and yellow short shorts? I thought you were a real man.  Max, take him away.

  • Rock Baker

    One really weird revisionist take on The Thief of Bagdad, as the princess wishes to see the street rouge once again and sends her all-seeing robot (a gift conjured up by the boy’s genie) to find him.

    Great painting, though. Good figure work, nice bold colors. Does anyone else think this must have influenced the ad art for THE CRAWLING EYE?

  • I’ve seen enough hentai…etc etc.

  • Fisheyenomiko

    Oh, there is… hell, wasn’t one of the Angels just a  giant eye?

  • Rock Baker

    I just heard we lost Dick Tufeld, voice of the Lost in Space robot and a million other things. There goes my idea to make a GOOD Lost in Space movie. It just wouldn’t work without Dick.

  • Flangepart

    Waaa?…Aw,man…now who else is next?

  • Sandy Petersen

    doesn’t anyone but me notice the amazing detail the artist put into the eyeball monster’s FEET? Also, he’s plainly made the monster’s main orb a RIGHT eye, which assumes that somewhere there is a Left Eyeball monster skittering around.

    The artist’s choices as to what he views important is mystifying. The man bungles the hero’s arms, so he looks like a thalidomide victim, and the girl’s left leg is just forgotten about. But he does remember to include a weird tan line on her upper thigh.

  • Rock Baker

    Is that a tan line or an optical illusion created by the scan? There’s a graduation in color, but it only looks like a line when I try to focus on it.

  • Marsden

    My favorite part is the small caption on the left “A Thrilling Publication”

    Good to know, it could have been a gardening magazine.