Monster of the Day #411

So how long is your ant planning to visit?

(Get it?)

  • Ericb

    Until he says “uncle.”

  • Flangepart

    “Do I bug you, huh? Do I bug you? Hah, i slay me…”

  • Mr. Rational

    Shall we dants?

  • Anonymous

    Be happy I don’t burn you to death with a magnifying glass human!

  • Sandy Petersen

    wow that is among the worst ant depictions I’ve ever seen. No wasp-waist? Antennae not elbowed? Weird head. The ants in the background are better. If that ant attacked THIS amateur entomologist I would mock it mercilessly  until my head was severed from my body.

  • Anonymous

    I tell you, that trouble we had back in the cave was no picnic

  • Anonymous

    Well, to be fair, it’s clearly a Space Ant, so who knows?

  • Quite a while, but it won’t be so bad since she’s staying at a roach motel.

  • Anonymous

    I hear she visiting from the Colonies.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I guess “Morgo” was a continuing feature in POPULAR Magazine.

  • Rock Baker

    “Puny Earth-Man, how could you ever hope to defeat one of us when you possess only four limbs? Your species is one freaky-looking people! What possible chance do you have…what’s that you’re holding? By gum, a knife is an excellent weapon! And so simple! I guess I shou—-AKK!”

  • … I think you misspelled “aunt”.

  • Mr. Rational


  • Anonymous

    “Soon they’ll have a board with a nail in it so big that it will destroy them all! BwaHaHa…”

  • Oh, one of “them”

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo! I win!

  • Flangepart

    You mean one of them that English majors? I can see that…

  • Beckoning Chasm

    You know, like the next one (the bat cover) the ant here can easily be seen in a more benign context.  “Hi there, Morgo!  Long time no see!  Here, let me give you a hug!  Hey, what’s with the knife?  Ha ha ha, you crazy guy, you–URGH!!”

  • David Lee Ingersoll

    Morgo ran in four parts. Yes, the giant ant is ridiculous. 

  • Ken_Begg

    And if anyone should know, it’s Mr. Ingersoll, who has kindly reprinted all four Morgo chapters for the edification of the masses.

    Even I have trouble posting messages with URLs, so  Google “ingersoll morgo the mighty”.