Monster of the Day #410

So, see, the Future Chickens send a Chicken Terminator into the past to kill the young Colonel Sanders…


The Chicken was mad because the guy had battered his sister.

(Sadly, this was the biggest scan I could find of this.)

  • Flangepart

    “The pilot was out of cluck, as the foul tempered fowl put his claw down, and prepared to show Capt. Birdwell, hero of the skies, just who was cock of the walk.”

  • Madre de Dios! Es El Pollo Diablo!!

  • Anonymous

    (Sarcastically) “Thanks, Jonathan Winters!”

    [Now there’s an obscure reference.]

  • Anonymous

    All I said was “how do I get out of this chicken outfit?”

  • Chicken Boo finally snapped.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! “Chicken Boo, what’s the matter with yeeeAAARGH!”

  • Anonymous

    Is the chicken Morgo? Please say the chicken is Morgo.

  • Sandy Petersen

    Note that this magazine “The POPULAR magazine” wasn’t even Science Fiction or Fantasy – most of its tales were tough he-man stuff. Not that a tough he-man couldn’t try to face down a monster chicken.

    With luck this tale has the most satisfying payoff since the Mysterious Island guys cooked the giant crab.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    “In the Popular Magazine, the bird flips you!”

  • Anonymous

    “Only Katie Ka-Boom can stop him!”

  • Rock Baker

    A pilot, a cave-man (cave-girl?), and an Egyptian slave girl being menaced by a colossal chicken, it certainly fires the imagination!

    Where’s your giant dog when you really need him?

  • Flangepart

    Probably tracking down the giant monkey…and his friends…

  • sandra

    Now if The Giant Claw had looked as good as the chicken, they might have had something. 

  • Anonymous

    I love the title of this magazine!  It’s so perfectly lazy.

    “What do we call this thing?”
    “I dunno.  I guess it’ll be popular with the kiddies.”
    “Sure, why not.  The Popular Magazine.  Done and done.”

    Sadly, The Unpopular Magazine went bankrupt after their second issue.

  • JoshG

    And that’s why the chicken crossed the road.

  • sandra

    This looks like a job for … Wonder Pig !

  • Marsden

    Bacaw!  Oh, sorry, son.  I thought your head was corn.

  • sandra

    When you find yourself in danger/ when you’re threatened by a stranger/ when you think that you will take a lickin’/ There is always someone who/ will hurry up and rescue you/ Just call for Super Chicken !

  • Flangepart


    Fred if you’re afraid, you’ll have to over look it!
    Beside you knew the job was dangerious when you took it- Bagawk!