Monster of the Day #400


  • Flangepart

    Why did Godzilla’s kid have to looks like a dorky tadpole with legs? WHY!?

  • The Rev.

    Baby New Year’s 2012 really let himself go.

  • David Fullam

    Always cry at the end.

  • Rock Baker

    To quote Cheech Marren, “E.T. phone home!”

    This is still probably the most entertaining film of the entire series!

  • Marsden

    From that still he looks like he’s doing the “I’m not worthy” toward the little godess’s breasteses.

  • The Rev.

    I’d bow before Bibari Maeda, too.

  • The Rev.

    I don’t always, but I have in the past.

  • Marsden

    No arguement from me.