UPDATE: B-Fest Tickets on sale this morning!!

Online sales only; credit card required. Details here.

UPDATE: Amazingly, there’s a four ticket limit per customer, and the buyer has to pick up the tickets themselves. Yikes! Good thing we have a small crew this year.

Anyone else who wants to attend, e-mail me at ken@jabootu.com. Free transport, lodging and food while you’re in town, but it looks like you’ll have to order your ticket yourselves. My four are spoken for.

  • Mr. Rational

    Got my three.  The “Room”-Mates will be attending again.  Save us a few seats near the front, eh, Ken?

    P.S. — Do you know if we can still pick them up AT the show?  Because we’re not even getting into Chi-town before Thursday night, and I’m sure the box office will already be closed at that time.

  • Rock Baker

    This reminds me. Ken, did you remember to pick up one of last year’s posters for me?

  • The Rev.

    Not a B-Fest post, but it’s somewhat related…if you happen to get FLIXe (Flix East) movie channel, at noon CST on Thursday they’re playing The Trial of Billy Jack.  This isn’t the first time they’ve delved into Jabootu’s realm, as they’ve played The Holcroft Covenant in the past.  Just letting you all know in case you actually get that channel (for some reason it’s in our cable package–none of the other Flix channels are.)

  • Beckoning Chasm

    Hope it’s a good ‘un this year.  And that’s a great poster.  I might like to snag a t-shirt if that’s the design this go-round.