Monster of the Day #388

♫ Stop! In the name of blood!
Before you stake my heart.
Think it o-o-ver… ♪

Trivia fact: One of these three is indirectly responsible for Barack Obama being President today. Fun fact.

  • KeithB

    Funny, I can’t tell which is Sarah Palin.  Great makeup.

  • Rock Baker

    Dracula 2000? (I’m still a little steamed that someone beat me to that title, I had to to update my version to Dracula 5327! By that time, I may actually get to film it!)

  • Calypso

    Is the vamp in the middle Jeri Ryan? If so, I get your Barak ref–very convoluted and funny!

  • Pip

    He said “INdirectly”

  • Anonymous

    This is honestly educational. Up until now, I would have said that John McCain was the only one in the country who would have thought this.

    Well, except for Meghan McCain, and she would have said something along the lines of “Sarah Palin cost my father, like, more less votes” and nobody would have known what she was talking about.

  • KeithB

    I was kidding, but you will have to explain the joke at some point, at least for me.

  • She also made ST: Voyager watchable, so she’s got that going for her.

  • Flangepart

    Well, you can thank her cleveage for a start.

    So Ken is into ‘Fems with Fangs’ this week. neat.

  • Reed

    Oh, so it’s only from work that I can’t post.  Well, as I rarely check the site at home I guess I won’t be commenting very often.  What ever happened to Jeri Ryan?  One minute she has a career, the next she’s gone, even with a scandal about her husband taking dirty photos of her.

  • sandra

    Jeri Ryan’s career is doing fine.  She’s currently playing Dana Delaney’s boss on BODY OF PROOF. By the way, my husband’s name for her STAR TREK VOYAGER character was Two of Thirty-Eight.

  • Pip

    When you lose Virginia and Indiana as a Rep…you picked wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. But McCain was the wrong pick, not Palin.

  • Alex

    No, American voters watched the interviews miss Palin gave to Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric and saw somebody who was unprepared and unqualified. Nothing she has done since then has changed that impression. Her clownish bus tour last Summer constantly disrupting the campaigns of real Republican candidate wich ended with her announcing she was not running should clue you in that this is not a serious person. She’s after fame and money, nothing more. Isn’t she shopping for a reality show with TLC right now?


  • Anonymous

    I don’t know, being “unprepared and unqualified” didn’t stop Obama from getting elected, and he (sadly) was elected President, not Vice President.

  • Alex

    That’s your opinion. Ask Bin Laden or Khadaffi if Obama is somebody you should underestimate.

    You got your opinions I got mine, I just wanted you to get a different point of view on Palin. I have no idea why you admire her. If you want to back a conservative go with Ron Paul. 

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I’ve *never* heard anyone say they don’t like Palin before. Wow, you blew my mind.

    Since I don’t want someone who’s going to cut and run on Israel, Ron Paul is pretty much out of the picture. I generally like his views on the size of government, though.

  • Adeaderend

    Jeri Ryan’s husband was disgraced and forced out of politics after dirt from their divorce came to light. As a result, one B Obama won the senate race that Mr Ryan had been in, and the rest is history.