Monster of the Day #365

Spy’s victory over Spy proved a Pyrrhic one.

  • Ericb

    You know that they are planning a live action movie of Spy vs Spy? 
    Anyway, are the spies supposed to be human?  They look like humans with crow heads.  I wonder if the live action movie will have everyone in the world have a crow head?

  • “Hey guys, you know what movie should totally get a reboot?”
    “No, what?”
    “Hey, that’s a great idea!  Maybe we can get Tim Burton to direct it, he’s been doing a lot of reboots lately.”

  • Anonymous

    So this from the Tim Burton version of The Triplets of Belleville, I take it?

  • The spies were the only ones in the comic with crow heads. But still, I wonder how they will pull this off.

  • Anonymous

    I just hope they make it all dark and gritty. That would be awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget the teal filter!  Everything’s better with a teal filter!

  • Sandy Petersen

    Spy Vs. Spy at once time featured a female “gray” spy, who always won, and did not have a crow head.

    Incidentally, I would assume that in the battle of Spy vs. Spy updated for modern times, they would both be betrayed by their organizations and become hunted men, running for their lives while fighting against the eeevil spooks who betrayed them.

  • Flangepart

    And now, Sandy, all I can think of is fearless Leader.
    “I always take the 9:45 sub. It gets me there in time for the morning executions.”

  • Anonymous

    Gray spy was also a hot chick who used her incredible gams to mesmerize the two chumps.