Monster of the Day #333

Really, how else could we end cat week? Why, with four shots of what is clearly the same creature.

  • Flangepart

    ‘Death by fluffy kittens’, this week on jabootu.

  • Gamera

    It’s two cats for the price of one!

    Ken, if you watch a grainy VHS tape and squint your eyes just right it always does look like the same cat.

  • Tork_110

    The clip hosted at really is something.

    I’ll always laugh at the part of your review where you kept screaming at the dumb antagonist to just hire hookers.

  • The Rev.

    Okay, one of my three guesses was right, at least. Although I had thought perhaps you’d already used this one, so I wasn’t sure it’d be right.

    I need to see this sometime.

    Also, that first screenshot….awwwww, kitty!

  • roger h

    So Fluffy here is one of those belligerent drunks?

  • Gamera

    Well, I was expecting Urania (spelling???) from ‘Cat People’. :(

    Off to reread Ken’s review of the movie.

    Though if it kills George Kennedy the cat creature(s) can’t be totally bad can it?

  • Rock Baker

    I’d like to think Greydon Clarke occasionally gets slapped by fans of the Ray Milland The Uninvited who accidently found themselves watching the cat/rat/puppet movie. I have yet to see it, myself, but the review is one of those that almost have me convinced that the film doesn’t really exist. That it’s all one big joke.

    And who did George Kennedy tick off anyway? I can think of few actors who have so throughly flitted from one extreme to the other in the quality of movies they’ve been in. And what did he do to deserve The Uninvited? Did he vote Republican or soemthing?

  • fish eye no miko

    @Rock Baker: And there’s ANOTHER Uninvited, as well; a British film about a pair of siblings who buy a haunted house.

    Man, that second picture looks like it’s from a bargain-basement knock-off of Gremlins

  • fish eye no miko

    Oops, my bad! Rock was talking about the same Uninvited I was. Sorry.

    But there’s about three more films with that name, all unrelated to each other… weird.

  • Rock Baker

    Is there one about drifters who hold a family hostage in their home? Or does that just seem like the right title for such a story?

  • Rock Baker

    Oh, and Ken, I don’t know how often you get to check your email, but I’d like an answer on the matter of that other interview fairly soon if you can swing it. Thanks!

  • fish eye no miko

    Rock Baker said: “Is there one about drifters who hold a family hostage in their home?”

    I think you’re referring to The Strangers. The most recent US Uninvited was a haunted house or possessed person or something like that kind of thing.

  • Rock Baker

    Ah, I saw a trailer for a newer movie called The Uninvited, it had something to do with a teenage girl’s new stepmother who’s a cold-blooded (and possibly supernatural?) killer. By modern movie standards, it didn’t look that bad. By larger movie standards, it looked pretty lame.

  • zombiewhacker

    I think we should make this an annual event. There are plenty of kitties we haven’t covered yet.

    The Cat Creature
    The Catman of Paris
    Cat’s Eye
    Catspaw (ST:OS ep)
    Merlin’s Mystical Shop of Wonders
    that freaking cat from the Harry Potter films
    the Scratchy animatronic run amok in that Simpsons ep from way back

  • Elizabeth

    Yay! One of my all-time favorites!

  • sandra

    As I was walking to the supermarket, I met a cat who looked exactly like Picture No 1. Someobody should make UNINVITED VS MAN’S BEST FRIEND. The cat-rat would massacre that mutt.