Monster of the Day #332

“Although the last few days have surely inspired fervid fits of feline fright and frisson, now’s the time for some actual cat carnage to evoke a state of overwhelming tabby terror. Don’t you agree, madam? What? You have nothing to add? What’s the matter, does the cat have your tongue?”

  • roger h

    I think the most likely way for my cat to kill me would to get under my feet when I get up in the middle of the night. I would trip over him and slam my head against some furniture.

    the end.

  • Gamera

    You know I haven’t liked any of Hollywood’s ‘reimagings’ but I really have to draw the line with this ‘darker’ version of ‘Hello Kitty’.

  • Mr. Rational

    What? Kitty’s just trying to nurse.

  • The way most cats murder their owners is to slink around their ankles right at the top of the stairs. That works wonders. So for heaven’s sake don’t make out your will in favor of the cat.

  • roger h

    one minute I was letting him know how much I loved him and then, sob, sob, he, sob, there he was lying at bottom of stairs, sniff. . .so, how long does the probate action usually take?

    Now I can buy my own damn cheeseburgers! HA, HA, Ha. . .

  • Rock Baker

    This is pretty basic feline behavior, based on those cats I have known (though this tabby seems to have much more power than its size would indicate). Given that cats are prone to psychotic fits, I have yet to understand why we continue to keep them as pets. If a dog lashes out against a human, it has to be shot. With cats, its just the way they are. Yet people love cats. People with children in their homes insist on keeping them around as pets. It makes no sense.

    By the way, what flick is this? Is this the cat attack from The Haunting of Hill House, or whatever that thing was called. It was really dull, and Michael Gough had an unbilled cameo as a corpse. The Haunting of Hell House, maybe?

  • Rock Baker

    And no, I don’t have a ‘thing’ about cats, its just that this week has given me pause to reflect on a frightning double standard we have. If any other creature acts like a cat does, we don’t keep it in our homes. In fact, we usually ‘put it down’ for safety reasons.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Cats are pretty much the best creatures ever, and that goes double for dear sweet Leela, kiss kiss kiss! Who’s a good kitty? You’re darn tootin’!

    (Was there ever any other kind of tootin other than darned?)

    Sorry. Some people are cat people, some people are dog people, some sad, benighted folks are neither, but I happen to be both. I recently spent much time re-wiring the local humane society and spent way too much (working) time making sure both the felines and canines were getting their share of petting.

  • BeckoningChasm

    Also, that’s Cousin Eerie, right? I could never quite keep the Warren hosts straight, but I recall that Uncle Creepy was a bit more gaunt.

  • Flangepart

    If a house cat were the size of a lion, you’d know how the Incrdible shrinking man felt…

    Cats are cool, just don’t leave them in your will. Sandy knows…

  • The Rev.

    To reiterate what Rock said: Which movie is this? Is this Corpse Grinders? I had that as one of my three guesses, obviously…

  • Cats are cool, just don’t leave them in your will...”

    Ah, but then we’d never have gotten the delightful baseball comedy Rhubarb.

  • Guest

    Any movie where a person can’t get a house cat or a 3-foot ball python off of their neck is a really bad movie.