Monster of the Day #331

I could tell that some of you (not Sandy, obviously) reacted to yesterday’s MotD like, “Big deal! It’s just one cat!”

Suck on this, then. You wanted raw terror? Bub, here it is, in spades!

  • The Rev.

    Is this The Corpse Grinders? I only saw part of that once. The bit with the lady who decides to lounge around her house in her bikini holding the “attacking” cat up to her face while the dubbed in angry cat sounds had me rolling.

    If it is, I admit I hadn’t thought of it as an MotD entry yesterday.

    If it’s not, I have no idea what it is.

  • The Rev.

    …while THEY dubbed in angry cat sounds, even.

  • Nope. Nor is it The Uncanny. Or House of a 1,000 Cats. Or…

  • Ericb

    Was this really supposed to be scary?

  • sandra

    It’s 1969’s EYE OF THE CAT, with Michael Sarrazin and Gayle Hunnicutt being menaced by the moggies of his Aunt Eleanor Parker. As a cat lover, I hope you are going to be balanced and follow this up with Evil Dog Week. Let’s eee, there’s DRACULA’S DOG, DEVIL DOG , CUJO …

  • Tork_110

    A man’s got to know his limits. More cats equal more puke to clean up.

  • Denial’s not just a river in Egypt, Eric.

  • Gamera

    That’s why you shouldn’t eat a tuna fish sandwich in bed!

  • I know that Ken never watches Lucio Fulci if he can help it, but El Maestro did “The Black Cat”, in which Patrick Magee uses his cat to kill a bunch of his perceived enemies. Then he kills his cat. Then the cat returns from the dead (8 lives left I suppose) to take on Magee. Also features David Warbeck.

    Not as much gore as a typical Fulci, and he had the good sense to have the cat’s murders take place in plausible fashion. The cat doesn’t maul its victims to death – it does things like lock the door to an airless storehouse while people are inside, or knock over kerosene lanterns to start fires. Despite the title, this movie has no connection to Poe, or to the great 1930s Universal flick.

    Dario Argento, in his half of the “Two Evil Eyes” duo-movie features Harvey Keitel trapped in Argento’s version of Poe’s “The Black Cat”. My favorite part is the climax where Argento tries to make kittens look scary, and almost pulls it off. But not quite.

  • fish eye no miko

    @sandra: There’s also evil dogs n The Omen. And there’s Man’s Best Friend, which is just.. ugh… Get this: We’re supposed to think the scientist is all evil and shit, but… uh… nothing bad would have happened if the animal-rights chick had left the dog in the lab instead of bringing it home with her!

  • Ha, exactly. I expressed the same thoughts in my M’sBF review in the Halloween movie thing.

    Zoltan and Devil Dog were already featured here, but as Fish Eye notes, there are plenty of others to choose from.

  • Flangepart

    Okay, when you boost the poundage of the felines, that you got real potential for pain.

    But that won’t stop from posting this song.

  • Reed

    I’m asthmatic and very allergic to cats. I find this picture terrifying!

  • Rock Baker

    Cat’s claw and bite, they’re unclean and can infect the wounds they inflict. This is a reasonibly frightening scene. (plus, can you imagine the stink?)

    As spooky as cats are, though, it remains true that they don’t pose quite the threat of an attack from mad dogs. Cats can hurt you, mess you up really bad, but the odds of survival/escape are still on the human’s side. Dog, though, they have size, power, tenacity, and intelligence. Thankfully, most dogs are a friend of man rather than an enemy. The cats I’ve known though, they just can’t be trusted.

  • cats are “unclean”? They “infect the wounds they make”? Dude do you hear what you are saying? Old Testament anti-cat stuff. Dog bites don’t get infected? Dogs are “clean”? Not MY dog, buster. She loves to roll in the dead squirrels.

    I put to Ken to do a Rat series next week. As a one-time keeper of adorable pet rats.

  • Rock Baker

    I didn’t say dogs were ‘clean’, only that they’re allies more often than enemies (and I did point out that if they turn they are actually more dangerous than a shrimpy little cat). But of course cats are unclean, they bath with their tounges just like dogs do.

  • Rock Baker

    How ’bout killer horses? Have there been many killer horses? I can only recall the ghostly killer horse from House of the Living Dead.

  • sandra

    fish eye: As far as I was concerned, the worst thing MAN’S BEST FRIEND did was kill that cat !

  • Elizabeth

    Cats, for me, have the same problem as bunny rabbits: they’re just too gosh-darn cute for me to find them scary. Like, I see this picture and my first reaction is not “Eeek!” but “I WANT TO GO TO THERE.”

  • But…but…THE TERROR!!!!

  • Rock Baker

    You’ve obviously never raised rabbits.

  • Flangepart

    Cat bites can infect, just as Dog bits can. It’s all a matter of dental hygeine. read up on people who survives WILD animal attacks, and infection is a serious problem. Read Peter Hathaway Capstick for a seriously entertaining history of life among dangerous animals with ‘Death in the long grass.’

    (How ’bout killer horses? Have there been many killer horses? I can only recall the ghostly killer horse from House of the Living Dead.

    Rock Baker said this on September 28th, 2011 at 5:13 pm)
    How about Bad Horse and his terrible ‘death whinny?’

  • Petoht

    I thought the problem with cat bites was more their needle-like teeth, which leave rather deep puncture wounds which not only have a hard time healing, but even a trace amount of bacteria is introduced deep into the body.