Monster of the Day #325

Next on SyFy: MegaDinosaur vs. SuperKilldozer!

  • Would this be the Creater Lake Monster?

  • Yes. Yes it would be Crater Lake Monster.

  • roger h

    Looks as scary as an elephant seal. I mean they are mean bastards but, I am sure I can out run one.

    Cletus there should have tried using a rifle made in the 20th century instead of that squirrel gun.

  • David Fullam

    Awesome animation. Horrid, horrid film.

  • The Rev.

    When I read the caption on the front page, I was thinking Dinosaurus! Whoops!

    I never did see this, despite it being at the local Blockbuster for years.

    And yet I rented The Crawlers… *shudder*

  • Rock Baker

    I finally got a copy of Crater Lake Monster on one of those Mill Creek multi-sets (CULT TERROR CINEMA, I think it was -I hate those sleeves in a case things so I tend to split the disks up and make my own boxes for them). It looked amazing. Scope, pin sharp, just amazing! And there was a lot more monster stuff than I remembered as a kid, bonus! The comic relief stuff drags on a bit too long, but otherwise, a fun little movie. I wish there were more out there like it.

    One thing has me nervous, though. The way this is going, I have a feeling we may be victim to a certain critter from The “Legend of Dinosaurs” any day now……..

  • Flangepart

    Now I’ve seen the promo for the Rifftrax version, and that looks promising.
    “The number one and number two heart surgeons in town…”