Monster of the Day #316

A monster, or just British? You decide.

  • Mr. Rational

    More British than you can snaggle a tooth at.

  • Flangepart

    “Today on TLC, the history of dentistry: Why there are braces.”

  • Ericb
  • Ugh! If Joan Crawford and Trog got it on!

  • Rock Baker

    Hard to believe that’s Sandra Knight under there, isn’t it? Still, she makes out better than Sally Todd, who gets turned into a (very ugly) man!

    Frankenstein’s Daughter had some nice concepts here and there, and a neat cast, but boy do those sets look cheap through adult eyes!

  • One of the all-time favorites on Chiller Theater (WPIX – NYC in the 60s). Donald Murphy – always cool…

  • Ericb

    Hey I watched Chiller Theater (chiiiiilllllllleeeeeeerrrrrrrrr) too as well as Creature Features on Channel 5 and when it was Monster Week on the 4:30 movie weekdays on channel 7 I was there as well.

  • Rock Baker

    The show I saw a few episodes of came in kinda snowy, it was hard for the dish to pick up the signal very clearly and I’m not sure where it was being broadcast out of. I think the host was named Mad Jack or something like that? He wore a wide-brimmed fedora it seems, and he had a goofy sidekick (standard issue equipment). I was just tuned in for the movies, of course, and I caught Killers From Space, The Giant Leeches, Bride of the Monster I think, and, oh, look, Frankenstein’s Daughter!