Monster of the Day #310

Not a good shot of the guy in the foreground, sadly.

  • Flangepart

    THE GOLEM, with Roddy McDowell, right?

    Nice pose.
    “So, I was sleeping a lovely sleep, and this goyem wakes me up and says, ‘hey- go kill these yutzes for me.’ So I gotta. Union rules, my friend, union rules…”

  • David Fullam

    Now this is a wild, fun movie! Bring in the atomic bomb and set fire to the house keeper!

  • BT

    I remember watching this as a kid, and being a bit creeped out. I think it was called “It!”, right?

  • Indeed, it is not called “The Golem”, but “It”. I saw this back in the day and was greatly impressed. Maybe this is a new trope – even as no movie about Bigfoot is worth a damn, perhaps every movie with a Golem is worth a look-see?

  • zombiewhacker

    What’s with the pointy head?

  • Rock Baker

    I used to have the one sheet and a pair of lobby cards from IT. Classic stuff. Has there been an official release yet? The version Pop bought had been recorded from TNT way back when TNT was fun to watch.

    Though few, there have been a couple of decent Bigfoot movies. Creature From Black lake and Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot (not the similarly titled Ivan Marx movie) stand at the head of the class. My beef with bigfoot movies is that they’re so obscure (all of them, it seems).

  • fish eye no miko

    Wow, even not knowing this film at ALL, I was like, “Is that Roddy McDowall?” (yes, with an “a”…)

  • Flangepart

    Sandy is right, I named the monster, not the flick.
    I remember this when it came out.
    The ending is just so weird. I recall thinking ‘is that it?”…no pun intended…

  • John Campbell

    The pointy head makes it appear like they made the golem from a tree stump or something.

    And wow, I never realized how easily spotted Roddy McDowall is.

    Miss his work…