Monster of the Day #306

Hey, cowboy! How’s that sheep monster liking things in ‘your rope.’

(Get it?)

  • Ericb

    Is it really possible to have a whole week of sheep monsters?

  • This was a real disappointment for me. I’d hope for something more like a monster movie and less like a 70’s social drama. An ending that made sense might have been nice, too.

  • Ericb

    Ummm, shouldn’t he be called a sheepboy?

  • John Campbell

    Damn sheep herders!

    Ken is it

    (I wanted to reply to your post the other day but not here. And sadly I can’t get at forums from work.)

  • No, sir, just

  • roger h

    It looks like this Jack and Ennis did not have time for “bonding”.

  • Ericb

    Is this a European movie? Otherwise I’m not getting the “your rope” pun.

  • The Rev.

    Cullen’s opinion on this movie matches my own, more or less. Punch that shark, Cullen!

  • David Fullam

    Godmonster rules!

  • Eric — Puns don’t have to make sense. I REFUSE TO BOW TO YOUR AUTOCRATIC CONCEPTION OF JOKERY!

  • Ericb

    No puns for you.

  • Rock Baker

    You know, when I found out about Something Weird Video, this was one of the first titles I wanted to get my hands on. Let’s say that’s been ten years or so. I have yet to see Godmonster of Indian Flats.

  • Foywonder

    Godmonster is a very odd movie. Only the last third of it really qualifies as a monster movie. Most of what leads up to it is a subplot about a black businessman working for the company trying to buy up their land getting hunted by a bunch of angry white cowboys. Then things turn psychedelic before the monster appears. And the ending… Bizarro religious rambling, the meaning of which was totally lost on me. Thinking back on it I believe this whole movie was probably conceived by filmmakers during one great big drug trip. I suspect the whole thing was probably intended to be viewed while on LSD. Maybe then it would have made sense.

  • Rock Baker

    I’ve heard tell of a flick called Revenge of Bigfoot which is mostly civil drama on its way to the monster stuff. If one could track both films down, might make a good double feature.

  • Consider it punched, Rev.

  • I would say there is only about 10 minutes of “monster stuff” in this film. Silver City residents play a major part though.