Monster of the Day #305

Hey, Ewe! Stop that!

  • Ericb

    Someone actually made a killer sheep movie?

  • Yes, and they had the chops to pull it off!

  • Reed

    Damn, that was spot on, Ken, and much funnier than the primitive Ewe joke in the caption. I award you 1 Shark Megapunch!

  • Marsden

    Does the Megashark wear a little girl’s swimsuit?

  • The Rev.

    I’ve been meaning to check that out one of these days…

    Ericb: Technically, there are two; the other is Godmonster of Indian Flats. Of course, that’s reeeeeeally stretching the meaning of the word “killer.” I recall some yahoo panicking and blowing himself up at a gas station, but it never directly kills anyone.

  • Mr. Rational

    Boy, Ken, you’ve made some ba-a-a-a-a-ad puns before…

  • fish eye no miko

    @Ericb: It’s a movie from New Zealand called Black Sheep.

  • roger h

    baa, baa, baa, baa bar bara ann, baa, baa, baa, baa bar bara ann, we’re eating Barbara Ann, oh Barbara Ann

  • Flangepart

    “Funny thing, Sir. The corpse smells like Lanolin.”

  • Gamera

    Baa! You can’t pull the wool over Ken’s eyes!

  • Mr. Rational

    Gamera, that was awful. I’m gonna ram ewe for that one. :)

  • Gamera

    Sorry Mr. Rational – I’m got mutton but bad puns today…

  • Rock Baker

    I’ll pass. I saw a trailer for this and they didn’t have enough guts to make a straight killer animal flick. It’s a comedy, so they lost me. Honestly, what’s the matter with some producers? This is why I miss the 80s more and more. In that decade, you could still take a goofball idea and run with it to make a non-ironic, and sometimes surprisingly solid, monster movie. I’d rather see a bad goofy monster movie than a bad hey!-laugh-at-me,-I’m-funny monster movie. Sheesh!

  • roger h

    I thought it was “Silenced by the Lambs” .

  • Rock — That isn’t what Black Sheep is like at all. I’d say it’s more like Dante’s Piranha or Sayle’s Alligator. Aware of its ludicrous nature, but played fairly straight.

    There is a completely unnecessary side element that I didn’t care for much. Again, I don’t know why they don’t just stick to the basic plot. Maybe it’s a matter of what to do with that extra 20 or 30 minutes (if only that) every movie gets larded with now compared to the 50s.

  • Rock Baker

    Now I have been able to rewatch Piranha recently, and I remain more confused than ever as to its classification as a comedy. While the human drama had some funny moments, it struck me as an out and out horror movie (and a pretty good one at that). Maybe this is like Slither? I avoided that one when I had a chance to see it on a big screen because it was advertised as a comedy. When I finally saw it, I felt I had been cheated. Is Black Sheep like that?

  • Rock — I think all three (again, including Alligator) has a certain tongue in cheek awareness of what they are, one that is hinted at at the edges of films otherwise played pretty much straight. Black Sheep may have a goofy character or two (is there a mad scientist? My memories on that are vague) but I thought it was largely similar in tone to the other two.

    I remember Tim Lucas in Video Watchdog reviewing it, and LITERALLY being outright bewildered because it seemed like the film was perhaps making fun of scruffy airheaded environmental types, and there could be NO POSSIBLE reason anyone would ever do such a thing because environmentalists are GOOD PEOPLE. In the end he just shrugged and refused to believe the film could even possibly be trying to do so. That sort of myopia from a clearly intelligent man is equally intriguing and unnerving.

  • Petoht

    This movie was goofy as hell, but pretty fun.

  • Rock Baker

    I think my brother has a copy. I may have to give it a shot someday.

  • The best “horror comedies” are those in which the horror is played straight. In Slither, the monsters themselves are not funny, but the human reaction to them often is. Another good example is The Boneyard where the jiang shi are just plain terrifying, but again, their effect on the people is sometimes amusing. Even Shaun of the Dead, which verges into out-right comedy, has normal, flesh-eating zombies. The hero even has to kill a family member who’s “turned” and it’s not amusing.

    God Monster is not funny – it’s just weird. I put Black Sheep in between Slither and Shaun of the Dead in terms of comedy element. The humor in Black Sheep is often just that sheep are eating people. Only a few outright jokes are there (like the guy getting porked by the ram and the mint sauce).