Monster of the Day #304

Well, you knew Nancy Pelosi was going to show up sooner or later.

  • The Rev.

    Pretty sure I know this one. I wish it had had more animal attacks and less wandering around the swamp.

    I’d say it’s probably the better of the two movies on that particular double-bill DVD, but it’s not nearly as insane and thus not quite as entertaining or memorable. It did have its moments, though.

    Plus, it didn’t have that goddamn song in it…

  • John Campbell

    Ken I think you’re wrong. That’s either Sarah Palin’s or Shannon Bachmann’s career post 2012 elections.

  • David Fullam

    Death Curse of Tartu, love it!

  • roger h

    they tried to make me go to rehab, I said “no, no, no”

  • JC — Who’s Shannon Bachmann? Did you mean Barack Obama?

  • roger h

    be easy Ken, I am sure Shannon was the name of that stuck up cheerleader that JC despised but, secretly. . .

  • The Rev.

    I’m sure he meant Michelle Bachmann.

    And I was right about the movie. Yay me!

  • John Campbell

    I’m blaming my three hours of sleep. I meant Michele Bachmann.

    And Ken, I do believe it was BOTH the renooblicans (teaparty section as well) AND dumbomocrats who wanted to play nuclear brinkmanship with the country via our finances as well as secure tax breaks for the most wealthy. (That last one was just republicans)

    NOW before you go on a tirade, I firmly believe spending is out of control everywhere in the government and DOES need to be fixed.

    It’s simple accounting. I just don’t think it’s fair you blame one party.

    And please remember I’m a life long republican. I simply choose to use my own judgement and not blindly follow what politicians want us too.

    That’s virile man furs I’m covered in. NOT wool like most of the ignorant masses.

    I’d bet good money you and I could come up with one hell of a better deal than all those polito-bozo’s in DC.

    All that being said, your nancy pelosi jpke was funnier than mine.

  • roger h

    I’ll take you at your word John, however, why attack Sarah Palin, she had absolutely zero, nada, zilch, to do with what establishment repubs and demos have done in DC.

    Bachmann hasn’t been in DC long enough to share much blame either.

    Now Pelosi, she is a darn good symbol for all that is wrong in DC.

    I agree, it is the spending plain and simple.

  • Rock Baker

    Fun little movie, but those out there who despise 60s pop music seem to forget, Death Curse of Tartu did feature a couple of songs! (At least one, titled ‘Jo Anne’) Or is it sprecifically Neil Sedaka that rubs people the wrong way in these parts? (Even granting that ‘The Jellyfish Song’ wasn’t his best work, I thought ‘Don’t Be Stingy’ found him in fine voice. Either way, there’s so much eyecandy during the Jellyfish number, I can’t really fathom some people’s violent reaction to the sequence.)

    Anyway, Death Curse of Tartu, nifty stuff! Consider, was that episode of Kolchak with Richard Keil as a shape-shifting indian based on this lovable old movie?

    In addition to Tartu and the jellyfish monster, Doug Hobart would also play a werewolf in the frightfully obscure The Professor, reportedly an unsold pilot for a science fiction/spy teleseries. I don’t know one way or the other, I just know the film plays like they ran out of money and couldn’t shoot the last couple of reels.

  • Gamera

    IMHO the commentary with the director on my DVD was better than the movie.

    And I couldn’t figure out the concept of having Tartu take the forms of animals not native to the Everglades. Aren’t native animals like alligators and rattlesnakes dangerous enough? Didn’t they have any stock footage of critters native to Florida???

  • John Campbell

    Why doesn’t netflix have all of this stuff!!!

  • Rock Baker

    My theory is that Tartu takes to form of whatever animals strike the most fear in his victim. Why else would he attack someone as a tiger? Or a boa constrictor?

  • Rock Baker

    Several of their wares on the SWV website are availible as ‘downloads.’ I’m really not sure what’s involved in that, but I guess it’s a way of seeing their movies without buying the discs. Me, I’ve always prefered having something on hand rather than something temporary like a YouTube video.

  • JC — If you’re expecting me to defend Republicans, then you have been going to some other site entirely all these years. However, Palin is about the best single politician we got; she actually wants to severely cut spending and reduce the size of government. Of ALL the Republicans you could have mentioned by name, I find the choice of hers extremely odd. Good lord, how about McCain or Romney or Olympia Snowe or…well, any of the rest of them. Except maybe Jim DeMint.

    I’ll go for increased taxes ONLY after they cut ALL federal government spending across the board by, oh, 10%. Not 10% off the next yearly increase, I mean cut every single budget item 10% in real terms. Also, the federal government has to get out of the business of redistributing monies to the states, save for actual and literal and strictly described emergency disaster relief. Let the states raise their own money; if their citizens can’t pay for something, the federal government shouldn’t be supplying it.

    Even that would be just a start of digging ourselves out the hole, but it would be a real start. Once they show they are that serious about cutting spending, go ahead and raise taxes. However, not a single dollar of any increased revenue (not to worry though, because raising taxes doesn’t result in that) must be applied to paying off debt, not going back into spending.

    If that’s a tirade, it’s one I’m pretty happy with.

  • JC – Re: Netflix, etc: Do you mean on DVD? They did, maybe the discs just got pulled because of damage etc. They were released a long time ago.

    In regards to streaming, it’s like cable TV; so many companies are trying to become your paid streamer of choice–Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc.–that material is all over the place as it is grab up by one of the companies in a patchwork fashion.

  • Jabootu’s Resident Stuck-up Former Cheerleader

    Completely independent of politics, that does look like Pelosi. It’s the eyes.

    Ann Coulter looks (and feels) like a blonde Visitor. There. Equal time.

    Back to spurning JC…

  • The Rev.

    We are just under two weeks from T-Fest 2011! My secret ninja insiders tell me the line-up is shaping up to be:

    [b]Bowanga Bowanga
    Queen of the Amazons
    Prehistoric Women[/b] (1950)
    [b]Prehistoric Women[/b] (1967)
    [b]When Women Had Tails
    Wild Women of Wongo
    Dinosaur Island[/b]

  • That list is utterly ridiculous. Anyway, Sandy and Freeman have finalized the final roster, and it’s

    One Million Years BC
    Beach Babes 2: Cave Girl Island
    Clan of the Cave Bear
    Bikini Cavegirl
    Dinosaur Valley Girls
    Cavegirl the Movie

  • The Rev.

    Wait, there’s a Cavegirl AND a Cavegirl: The Movie??

    Both lists are ridiculous, because OBVIOUSLY the T-rex movie this year is finally going to be Attack of the Supermonsters.

  • Rev: Supermonsters has been added to the ‘Future’ list, but sadly we will have another presentation this year. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

  • The Rev.

    Too late for me not to be disappointed. I thought my newfound powers at TwF2K11 would make it a shoo-in this year! What the hell?

    It’s like you’re purposely defying me, Begg…as if you were getting your vengeance on me for something…trivial.

  • Pfft, I better get vengeance like half a dozen times, then, and once more for my inevitable trouncing next week.

  • Mr. Rational

    Bah, Ken and Rev. I will own you BOTH.

    At losing.

    Now. Let’s see you top THAT!!!!!

  • The Rev.

    ….I do believe Mr. Rational has really gone and punched the shark this time.