Monster of the Day #302

Quite easily the goriest thing I’d ever seen when I was a youngster. Channel 32 didn’t always check their films for what at the time was inappropriate content; I was pretty freaked out when I saw the carnage in this one, not to mention the film’s entire highly sleazy tone.

Paul Naschy liked the ending enough, though, that he lifted the whole thing for the climax of The Hunchback of the Morgue.

  • Ericb

    So what exactly does the monster bite out of Jason Evers’s neck? A tonsil?

  • Flangepart

    ‘Zippy the pinheads’ early years were quite different from what most people know.

    Yeah, this is a gooey one. And a great MST3K.

  • Ericb

    I love Mike’s line (paraphrased) “What it this, Pottersville?”

  • Reed

    No clue on this one.

    And once again I am compelled to say, “Hands, missy!”

  • fish eye no miko

    Reed said: “No clue on this one.”

    Same as yesterday; The Brain That Wouldn’t Die.

    “The mask is just tied in the back!”
    “Eh, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, Mike…”

  • Ericb

    Speaking of MST3K, I just got my MST3K Gamera boxed set. I’ve never seen those episodes before and haven’t seen the movies themselves for decades. I’m pretty psyched

  • The Rev.

    “Help! I’m trapped in another dimension!” Hee hee, that was a good episode.

    Man, that monster mask was goofy. Still, Kurt wandering around for two hours, dragging his bloody stump on everything before he finally kacks it, is pretty great, both in a gore sense and in a “wow this is hilariously ridiculous” sense. If I’d seen it as a kid, I may have developed a different opinion on it.

  • roger h

    Maintain low tones Connie! Maintain low tones!

  • alex

    Ken did the channel play the entire unedited 1959 version instead of the 1962 AIP cut? I was under the impression the 59 version had never been released until the DVD.

  • Tork_110

    All the scientists had to do was not walk next to the one door. Yeesh.

  • Alex — Well, I know I saw the arm come off rather bloodily, and the monster holding up a hunk of Evers’ throat for our edification, so I’d have to say yes.

  • Oh, you can say the exact same thing about Citizen Kane!

  • TongoRad

    “This is the stupidest thing that clown has ever done…and that clown has done some stupid things!”

  • Rock Baker

    The first cut I saw of The Brain That Wouldn’t Die was the edited down version, on a rental VHS back when you could still rent VHS (man, I miss those rental places in town). I remeber wondering what happend to the walls to make them so dirty when the Doc returns to the basement (and barely reacts to the carnage). Later, I upgraded to the Sinsiter Cinema print. That is one weird movie!

  • Yeah, Herb (Jason) Evers was like a far sleazier version of John Agar. His exaggerated smirks and leers when checking out the strippers in Brain are hilarious. Hard to believe that film was made in 1962.

  • Rock Baker

    1959, the story goes, although it has times of looking more like a 60s film.

    One of the few movies to feature a bit with Marilyn Hanold, former Playmate and Queen of Mars until that pesky robot Frankenstein caused her ship to explode!

  • Greenhornet

    Oh yeah, this was a gory one for a young boy in the mid-sixtys.

    Carib Theater, Junior Jawbreakers and Coca Cola.