Monster of the Day #300

#300! How time passes.

This one is VERY obscure. I never heard of the movie myself until I stumbled across the title the other day.

  • Ericb
  • Flangepart

    See…this is what happens when you lean over the grill too long.

    This is waaaay obscure, Ken. Clues?

  • Ericb
  • John Campbell

    I’m not coming up with a title, but the picture is VERY familiar…

    It seems just like yesterday we were hitting 100, then 200 MoTD’s…

    I remeber those first early attempts by Ken. All crayon’s and stick figures…

    (I KID!)

  • David Fullam

    Blood Drinkers? Filipino movie right?

  • BeckoningChasm

    Ericb – exactly what I was thinking. Sure looks like someone from “A Feasibility Study.”

  • I believe I own this movie. I believe it’s Italian, with a plot similar to Scream of the Demon Lover. The Blancheville Monster, perhaps?

  • Rock Baker

    Blood Thirst, I think. Now I’ll see what the other comments are.

    Well, if I’m right, the film was released on double bill with Blood Suckers in the early 70’s. Blood Thirst was actually a late-50s (early 60s?) Philipino monster movie about a detective tracking down some missing girls who had been abducted as part of some anchient ritual to restore youth and beauty to a cult leader. The monster was her stooge. Not bad, I thought. Great photography. SWV has released one of their typically nice double feature DVDs featuring Blood Suckers/Blood Thirst.

  • fish eye no miko

    AH! It’s Unfinished Clay Sculpture Man!

  • I’ve been asking my neighbors out here in the Philippines- they haven’t a clue.

  • Charles Goodwin

    At least according to this website, Blood Thirst is the winner:

    Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys (Filmmaking in the Phillipines)

  • sandy petersen

    Yes that’s right it is Blood Thirst. I even own it, and the monster is featured on the cover.

  • Sandy — Put that on the list of films for me to check out this time around.