Monster of the Day #277

Good to the last drop!

  • roger h

    and that drop is good too

  • Now I’m thinking about showing “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” for T-Fests “good” movie.

  • Grandma?

  • John Campbell

    I think I used to date her…

  • Rock Baker

    Nuts. I was hoping it’d be Dr. Goldfoot capping off Bava week.

  • Rock Baker

    Was this one of the segments of Black Sabbath? I haven’t watched it in a while, but I know I’ve seen this.

  • zombiewhacker

    drip drip DRIP!

    (thanks Ken!)

    This is my favorite Bava film, at least the English-dubbed version. (I haven’t seen the original Italian cut.)

    Usually one version or the other will be released on DVD. No one’s ever thought to put both on the same DVD, which would be awesome.

  • alex

    The AIP version is tangled up in legal mumbo jumbo with MGM and other companies and will probably stay locked up for quite a while. Don’t wait for it on DVD any time soon.

    The Italian version (with english subtitles) is available from Anchor Bay as a stand alone disc or as part of their Bava collection Volume 1.

  • Flangepart

    This is what happens when you drink coffie and eat tropical fruit while standing with an Italian movie director next to a volcano.

    You never heard of a Java Cauva Bava Lava?

  • Rock Baker

    AC used to sell the AIP version of Black Sabbath. That’s the print I got.

  • alex

    Producer Alfredo Leone, who worked with Bava in the early 70s, owns the rights to many of Bava’s films. In 2007 Dark Sky had to pull their Kill Baby Kill DVD at the last minute because Leone won a court case. Leone later released it with Anchor Bay on their first Bava Box set.

    Since then, Leone as tried to get the AIP versions of Black Sunday, Black Sabbath and Evil Eye from MGM (who own the AIP catalogue) claiming he owns the rights to the American versions as well as the original ones.

  • zombiewhacker

    Rock, what’s AC?

  • Rock Baker

    AC Comics, the outfit that gave me my start in the comic book field (I still do a lot of work for them). They have an online store where they sell all their back-issues, original movies, and whatever old cult stuff they can get the rights to. That last list changes all the time due to the back and forth of copyright issues. They used to sell Black Sunday and Black Sabbath, but no longer. They just added the obscure AIP flick The Cat Girl to their catalog. They sell a ton of old serials, including Spy Smasher, The Secret Code, Captain Marvel, and Blackhawk. And as I’ve noted before, I don’t get a cent from that action so you can’t accuse me of making a pitch! (On the other hand, if someone wanted to drop by and pick up a few issues that feature my work, I wouldn’t fight it….)