Monster of the Day #274

Why does Sandy Petersen hate this movie so? Why?

  • Ericb

    Save the dark meat for me.

  • Flangepart

    “Kids, never, ever, stick your face in a pizza oven when its working.”

  • Marsden

    I like his pilgrim hat.

  • Ericb

    This would be great if it was Oliver Cromwell in The Scarlet Letter 2.

  • David Fullam

    Puritan Bad Ass!

  • I hate this movie for five reasons:

    1) Robert Downey Jr.’s costume is the shoddiest I’ve ever seen.

    2) During the multi-car collision 20 minutes into the film, you can see clearly that one of the cars, unrealistically, does NOT immediately burst into flame.

    3) Too much nudity.

    4) The film fails politically and socially because it does not place the blame firmly where it belongs – at the hands of the US government and international corporations.

    5) I couldn’t understand Elke Sommer’s accent. Could you?

  • Heli

    I freely admit that I am not a horror expert.

    What the heck is this movie? Killer Pilgrims?

    I assume it’s not the one with the wisecracking killer turkey, but that’s all I’ve got.

  • Rock Baker


  • 5) I couldn’t understand Elke Sommer’s accent. Could you?

    As the great actress herself once said, “Take one from column A and two from column B, you get an egg roll either way.”

  • Ericb

    Did Mario Bava have anything to do with this?

  • alex

    He sure did. It’s Baron Blood from 1972. The Baron is the creation of Carlo Rambaldi who would latter build E.T.

  • Rock Baker

    Funny, I completely forgot this face! I did see Baron Blood once, though. Hated it. One of the very, very, very, very, very small handful of films I’ve tapped over because it was just awful.

  • Robert Englund stars as Father Brown

  • zombiewhacker

    I assume this was a double for Joseph Cotten and not Cotten himself right?

  • Now I have to see Baron Blood…

    Not like I’ve been trying to avoid it, mind…

  • alex

    Cotten most definetly did not wear the Baron Blood outfit, some random stuntman did. BTW Cotten is quite bad in the film, one of the worst case of ‘phoning it in’ I’ve ever seen.

  • DOn’t listen to Rock Baker or alex – Baron Blood RULES and is one of my favorite Mario Bava movies. Er … except for the five points I mentioned earlier. Baker and alex probably are getting it mixed up with the Marvel supervillain of the same name.

    I adored this film, warts and all. The scenes where they summon up the baron is IMO the greatest creepy magic ritual of all time. The castle the film takes place in and around is terrific. I could go on.

  • alex

    I agree they are some good scenes (every Bava movie has its standout moments) but overall it was not Bava at his best IMHO. Most people seem agree with you Sandy since Baron Blood was a commercial success. The last one Bava ever had.

  • Rock Baker

    Been some time since I saw it, but I recall Cotton giving a typically fine performance. Any quibble I had about the picture came not from the fine actor, other than the all to common feeling Joseph had been wasted on a real turkey. If the film only had a few warts, I would love it too. Problem is the whole thing is a wart. It was also dull, the ultimate sin a movie can have. To each their own, I suppose.