Monster of the Day #272

There’s a ghoul in the school!

  • The Rev.

    Well I’d like to think everyone knows this one, even if they’ve never seen it themselves.

  • Flangepart

    You think amiss, Sir. Is it German?

  • The Rev.

    It was reviewed on this site; that’s why I thought everyone’d know it.

  • roger h


  • BeckoningChasm

    Is this…hm, don’t want to be a spoiler…is this “WWIAGD”?

  • Yeppers.

  • Rock Baker

    Finally, one I actually have in my collection! Even today, though, this just isn’t my idea of a werewolf!

  • keith Richards in a Girls’ Dormitory!!

  • Petoht

    He’s just looking for the ghoul of his dreams.