Monster of the Day #260

So as it began, so does it end.

  • Flangepart

    “So, do I get the lead role in EBRIAH 2:Return of the claw, or not?”

  • The Rev.

    I was trying to guess if it’d be this guy or the scorpicricket thing from The Lost Continent.

    I was wrong, dash it all.

  • John Campbell

    Didn’t Big G rip off one of his claws?

    If he was up for the role in Ebirah 2 would the prostethic keep him out of the running.

    Well that’s assuming he had the limb replaced.

    He may have chosen to embrace his disability.

  • Rock Baker

    Notice he’s even got himself a little crown. Ganime must be a King Crab. Yes, I’m instantly sorry for making that joke.

  • Marsden

    He could be MechaEbriah with a replacement claw.

    How about Cyborg Ebriah: sent back from the future to prevent… something.

  • John Campbell

    If he’s a Cyborg-Ebirah that means it’s an Albert Pyun movie!!



    Bravely, bravely I ran away!