Monster of the Day #256

I actually kind of prefer this early design for Mr. Snuffleupagus.

  • The Rev.

    I still haven’t seen this yet. I really need to rectify that, as it’s just about the only giant monster movie I still haven’t watched.

    Gezora here seems to be the favorite of the three. Does he get the most screentime, or is it just those adorable eyes of his?

  • The Rev.

    Sorry for the redundant “yet” in that first sentence, by the way.

    Apparently I’m feeling particularly pedantic.

  • Ericb


  • The Rev – It’s probably the adorable eyes. I don’t think he has more screen time than the other monsters in the movie.

  • Rock Baker

    Well, Gezora does open for the other monsters. The whole first act is all him. In fact, you could easily end the movie once he sinks into the sea. The other monsters seem to be bonus critters.

    Kameba I liked a lot. I’ve often wished Toho had brought him over into Destroy All Monsters or one of the following (Showa era) Godzilla movies. They finally do bring him back and he’s a corpse, almost like Toho felt the need to flip me the bird.

    Yog, Monster From Space was released in 1970, ’71 in the States by American International, but is tagged 1966. I’ve gotten confused over the years, as the story goes that Toho produced the film in ’66 and then sat on it until ’70, while other accounts are that the film was in fact made in 1970 and it just feels like a throwback to Toho’s ‘island’ pictures of the mid-60s. My copy is a Japanese print with the AIP dub layed over (only way I could get it scope), and the copyright tag at the end clearly reads 1966. Yet the crew is Tsuburya-less and star Akira Kubo looks older than he did in Destroy All Monsters. Like I said, I’m very confused on this issue.

  • John Campbell

    1. Is Ken watching the power rangers again? (I kid!!! Jeeez)

    2. What movie is this?

  • Rock Baker

    Yog, Monster From Space. (Currently available in the inferior international dub under the title Space Ameoba.)

  • Petoht

    Yog? Did he drop his last name? Also, is it just me, or is he saluting?