Monster of the Day #248

“I warned you not to stay in that tanning bed too long!”

  • where’s Mull?

  • I would like to say that this was quite possibly the greatest movie ever made, to my 11 year old eyes.

  • Mull appeared as an earlier MotD.

  • Ericb

    Mull needs women.

  • Ericb

    I was so young when I first saw this that I expected it to be the Universal Frankenstein’s monster fighting the Space Monster.

  • KeithB

    This looks a lot like some of the pictures I am being shown in my Radiation Worker Training class today. What a coinkidink!

  • Rock Baker

    James Karen remembers the summer he wasn’t able to find any acting work and took out his frustration on a hapless crash dummy.


    Possibly the best title ever assigned an exploitation movie! But you know, the execution could’ve been just a little bit better……..

  • I disagree – I don’t see how ANY part of this movie could have been improved, from the motorcycle-helmeted aliens to the obvious bald wigs to the insanely stupid plot.

    This, sir, is a film sans flaw.

  • It’s hard not to love a film where the head Evil Alien is named Nadir.

  • Doesn’t the one alien in this movie remind you of John Lovitz? I kept expecting him to say “Yeeeaaah! Thats the ticket.”

  • Rock Baker

    As a kid, I thought that was Uncle Fester.