Monster of the Day #244

Blah, blah, “hare growth” blah.

  • Ericb

    What Night of the Lepus should have been.

  • Gah. Bad adaptation of a good story.

  • The Rev.

    No idea. Some weird remake of Harvey?

  • Gamera

    I didn’t think it was too bad but I do think the more subtle TV version worked better. Of course the original short story is more disturbing yet and has a nice twist ending.

    Of course the whole idea of Bill Mumy with the power to remake reality at will is pretty friggin’ scary in itself…

  • Rock Baker

    Well, at least Kevin got a days work out of the Twilight Zone movie. Been too long since I saw it, who else was in that segment? Was William Shallert one of the many vet stars?

  • the only thing wrong with the movie version was that they felt impelled to insert a quasi-happy ending. Saps.

  • Rock Baker

    What do you have against happy endings, anyway?

  • The Rev.

    This was from the Twilight Zone movie? Man, I haven’t seen that in forever. No wonder I don’t remember this.

  • Marsden

    Gamera, in the orignial short story did was the boy named Joquin and they called him Jokey? I don’t want to post the ending in case someone wants to read it.

  • Marsden – Wrong story. That’s a Ted Sturgeon tale; if I remember correctly it’s called “Talent”. This is “It’s a Good Life” by Jerome Bixby. Easy mistake to make, as Jokey has the same talent as Anthony.

  • Gamera

    Marsden, Cullen: Dang, I think I’m may have them confused too. I remember the boy turning the pig into a piggy bank and smashing it. And the twist ending where power doesn’t equal common sense.

  • KeithB

    I thought that the Twilight Zone second TV series coda to this was pretty good.

  • Gamera: That’s “Talent”. And, having given that away, let me say that the final paragraphs on than one really kick.

  • Gamera

    Thanks Cullen, I’ll have to look up the Bixby story.

  • Marsden

    Thank you, I wasn’t sure, I only read the Sturgeon short story. It was in “50 great short science fiction stories” A softcover edited by Asimov, I don’t know if it’s easy to find but I’d say it’s a good buy, about 45 of them are really good, then there is a few duds, but nothing’s perfect.

  • Marsden – That’s where I read it, too. That book has some really, really good stuff in it.

    Gamera – Glad I could help out.

  • I made the mistake of rewatching this recently, having loved it and tortured my dad with it (he knew better) when I was 10. It really, really, REALLY sucks. There is literally nothing worth seeing in it, and it’s a nadir for each director involved, except maybe George Miller, who turns in the almost-excellent final segment (with John Lithgow and a host of hambone extras).

    If you possess even a micron of human decency (or worse, if you love Vic Morrow), just TRY to get through the first segment, knowing what ultimately happened (if you don’t know- the incredibly grisly demise of Morrow and two children). This is the kind of movie I bring up when brats start in on how [insert recent not-that-terrible movie here] is the worst thing committed to film. A truly Bad film is one like this, that pulls down and taints the otherwise decent work of the other people involved. And the more you read about it, the worse it gets. I’ve never been able to watch a Landis movie the same since.

    If I could, I’d apologize to my dad for repeatedly subjecting him to this festering cowflop…