Monster of the Day #243 BONUS

Oh, now that I think about it, here’s the first good still from the upcoming Shark Night 3-D. The gorehound contingent will be railing against the fact that it will be PG-13, but I’m encouraged by that. It means they won’t be relying solely on gore and breasts to draw an audience. That doesn’t in itself means it will be good, but it does mean they should (hopefully) be less lazy about things.

Anyway, those guys will have the Piranha sequel, so any complaining they do will just be kneejerk stuff anyway.

  • The Rev.

    I’ve never even heard of this movie. How can that be?

    Off to do some research…

  • jzimbert

    That may be the tiniest Great White I’ve ever seen. Is this a Jaws 3-D scenario?

  • It will be multiple sharks, and since the attacks take place in fresh water, I assume these are bull sharks. And really, it just seems like they are going for realistically-sized ones. It’s not like the one pictured wouldn’t be fully capable of killing that woman.

    Don’t like this sentence much: “they soon discover that the sharks are part of a sick, greedy plan on the part of several locals.” I’ve long been on record that these extraneous plots just waste time. There’s no reason to make the movie over 90 minutes, and human villains are just beside the point.

  • Ericb

    Sharks are scary enough as they are and keep making them bigger and bigger gets boring after a while. Anyway I’d think a feeding frenzy of normal sized sharks would be more frightening than a single giant shark.

  • The Rev.

    If it’s supposed to be in fresh water, then bull sharks would be the logical choice. (It amazes me that, given their ability to go up rivers–and the carnage they’ve sometimes wreaked doing so–there’s, what, one movie with them?) However, if that’s what the sharks are supposed to be, that prop is off, because that looks to me like your classic great white. The coloration and the head shape are indicative of a white.

    If they end up being whites, then it’ll probably turn out that they’re either modified to live in fresh water, or it’s located at the meeting of salt and fresh water bodies, meaning they can survive for short periods in the fresh. I don’t know if that’s actually the case, but the latter would be much more plausible than the first.

  • Rock Baker

    This still is the first I’ve seen or heard of this flick. PG-13? I like the sound of that, they’ll be forced to be creative instead of just going for open shock. I WOULD go see it, hoping it might make up for Piranha 3-D, but P3D has killed any enthusiasm I might’ve had for a modern underwater menace flick. Thanks a lot, you sadistic creeps!